2014 Designer Contracts and Information

Designer Recruitment Manual 2014
Designer Recruitment Year Sensitive Info 2014
Tree Contract
Room Contract
Holiday Entry Contract
Hearth and Home Contract
Door Contract
2014 Festival of Trees Ornaments Form
2014 Festival of Trees Small Wonders Form (previously known as Miniatures)
2014 Festival of Trees Gingerbread Village Form

Designing for Festival

Festival of Trees could not be possible without our dedicated and talented designers. Every year, thousands of people attend Festival to see the beautifully designed original decor. Our Designers provide inspiration and pleasure to the thousands of people of all ages as they begin their holiday season with a visit to our celebration of the arts.

Designer Information

Festival of Trees Designer Brochure All designs are considered donations to be sold (except   Children's & Teen trees) at Festival of Trees. Click on  brochure to the left for a full description of each design area.
        ► Trees
        ► Doors
        ► Holiday Entries
        ► Hearth & Home
        ► Rooms
        ► Gingerbread Village
        ► Ornaments
        ► Small Wonders (previously known as Miniatures)
        ► Children's Trees
        ► Teen Trees

What are the benefits of designing?

Designing has many benefits as well. Every design stays on display for 10 days and is viewed by over 100,000 attendees. Depending on which area you participate in, you will be awarded complimentary tickets for:
General Admission
Grand Premiere Cocktail Party
► A chance to win a designer ribbon
Questions about designing?
Contact: Pat Wohlford, Designer Recruitment Manager